The Most Popular Slang Term the Year You Were Born

posted by Brian Cleary - 

What was the most popular slang term the year you were born?   You can now find out thanks to "Good Housekeeping."    The magazine has created a list of the most popular terms for every year from 1926 to 2006.

The term in 1926, the height of the "Roaring 20's" was "gold-dig."   Here's a sample of some of the words and years:

1931 - Snazzy

1941 - Dreamboat

1953 - Hippie

1960 - Dullsville

1977 - Brewski

1986 - Studmuffin

1995 - As If

2003 - Peeps

Check out the complete list from Good Housekeeping by clicking here.


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