A Song for National Grilled Cheese Month (April!)

April is National Grilled Cheese Month.   In celebrate, Sara LeeĀ® surveyed Americans on their grilled cheese preferences:

  • Fifty-five percent of those surveyed can be classified as grilled cheese Traditionalists, meaning they like their sandwich with only one kind of cheese - American is the most popular, followed by cheddar.
  • 73% of people include more than just bread and cheese with their grilled cheese sandwich.    The four most popular add-ons are tomatoes, preferred by 39%, bacon, 38%, ham by 32%, and eggs by 22%.   
  • And 64% of people said they'd be willing to take a bite of a "mystery" grilled cheese, where they had no idea what was on it. 

Check out the entire survey from Sara LeeĀ® by clicking here



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