The One Best Thing In South Carolina Is ....

As we're living in a divided America, one of the few things we probably all agree on, so the website thought it was important to celebrate some good things.   They have put together a list of the one best thing about every state.    Some might be considered obvious: 

         Arizona:  the Grand Canyon

         Louisiana:  jazz

         Nevada:  doing illegal things legally

Others may not be obvious, or, all that great:

         Colorado legalized marijuana

         Iowa:  election caucuses

         Florida:  idiots in the news.

So what did come up with as the best thing in the Palmetto state:

         South Carolina - Charleston Historic District.   Ninety-seven of  the properties in this section of Downtown are on the National Register of Historic Places. 

To our north:

North CarolinaMichael Jordan

And North Carolina wasn't the only state where a person was the best thing.   New Jersey's was Bruce Springsteen, and the best thing about Ohio is LeBron James.



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