What The Color Of Your Car Says About You

According to the British website, This is Money: Be your own financial adviser, there are six basic car colors - here's what your car color says about your personality:

1.  BLACK - you're charming, intelligent, and ambitious  - but also selfish.

2.  WHITE OR SILVER -  you seem trustworthy.

3.  RED - you are happy and adventurous, but also angry.

4.  BLUE  -  you're loyal, kind, and considerate.

5.  TAN OR BROWN - you're grumpy, mean, and boring.

6.  GOLD -  you seem greedy and wealthy.  But only if it's an expensive vehicle.  Even if it's gold, people won't think that about you if you're driving a 1998 Ford Focus.

The survey also found:

  •   Men think women in red cars are the sexiest
  •   Women think blue cars are the most attractive for men.            
  •   The least attractive car color is brown.


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