Best States for Women - Where Does South Carolina Rank?

Women outnumber men in all but six states of our states.   So how are women faring across the United States and the District of Columbia?  Analysts at used 19 key indicators of living standards like economic social well-being and the state's health and safety ranking to determine the best and worst state for women to live.

According to their research, the best state for women to live in our country is Minnesota, which scored 78.73.   Vermont was second with North Dakota third.     The worst state for women to live, according to the Wallethub data, is Mississippi with a score of 34.01.  

So what about the Palmetto State?     The news isn't good, as South Carolina ranked 48th, with a score of 37.48.     North Carolina was 38th, while to our south, Georgia ranked 46th.   Ohio was 30th with a score of 52.94. 



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