Which President had Vaseline Rubbed On His Head Each Morning?

Some perhaps interesting, unique or usual facts about the people who have served in the office as the President of the United States:

  • President Calvin Coolidge’s morning ritual included someone rubbing Vaseline on his head while he ate breakfast.   He also had two raccoons, Reuben and Rebecca, who would sometimes run around the White House.
  • James Madison was our smallest president – he stood 5’4″ and weighed around 100 pounds.    Abraham Lincoln was our tallest president at six-four, Lyndon Johnson was six-three, and Thomas Jefferson was six-two-and-a-half.      Six presidents, including our current president Donald Trump were six foot, two inches tall.    William Taft was our largest President, reaching 340 pounds as he left office in the beginning of 1913.
  • The first United States president to visit a foreign country while in office was Teddy Roosevelt.  He went to Panama in 1906.
  • Thomas Jefferson hated public speaking so much that he only gave two speeches in his presidency, one per term. He also started a tradition of sending State of the Union speeches as written documents to be read at Congress by a clerk (Woodrow Wilson reinstated the practice of delivering the speech in person in 1913
  • Martin Van Buren holds the distinction of the first president to be actually born in the U.S.
  • James Buchanan is the only bachelor to be president.
  • Abraham Lincoln was the only president who was also a licensed bartender, being a co-owner of Berry and Lincoln, a saloon in Springfield, Illinois.
  • John Kennedy, like each of his nine brothers and sisters, received $1 million on his 21st birthday for his father.   However, that generosity didn’t extend to the Harvard recommendation letter from his father, who wrote Jack was “careless and lacks application.”
  • The only president never to be elected by the voting public is Gerald Ford, who was appointed Vice President after Spiro Agnew resigned,  and ascended to the presidency when Richard Nixon stepped down.  
  • President Bill Clinton is a 2-time Grammy winner - one for Best Spoken Word Album and another for Best Spoken Word Album for Children.
  • Woodrow Wilson was the first to show a motion picture in the White House:  It was the 1915 version of "The Birth of Nation," which has become the most banned film in American history
  • John F. Kennedy was not only the first Roman Catholic to be president, but also the first Boy Scout to become president.
  • Warren Harding was the first president to own a radio.


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