• Chocolate?    Now you can, from the ChocoChicken, a new restaurant in Los Angeles.     Find out about the Chocolate Fried Chicken - the 411 is with today's "3 Things You Need to Know"
    • On one hand, it sounds like a cool job to have, one the other hand, are you crazy?     What today's "Video of the Day" to see if you would do this work!
    • Speaking of jobs, what's the secret to making more money?   According to Forbes, it's getting a new job every 2 or so years.   Here's why:
      Being in a job over a long period rewards you with small raises each year – some that barely keep up with inflation.
    • The average raise in 2013 was 3% - inflation was 2.1%.A new job most likely offers you a larger pay raiseForbes concludes that people who stay at the same job make 50% LESS in their lifetimes than people who switch jobs every two years or so.