• Time Magazine has done an analysis of the tweets of the 500 most popular celebrities on Twitter.  In order to discover who is the smartiest, Time based their list on the reading level of that celebrity's tweets.   They discovred that no celeb tweet at higher than an 8th grade level.    The top celebriteis:   
    # 1 – Leonadro DiCaprio – 7.5
    # 2 – Pattie Mallette (Justin Bieber’s Mom) – 7.3  
    # 3 – Jimmy Kimmel – 7
    Also on the list - JWoww from Jersey Shore was ranked 8th, Kevin Spacey, Eva Longoria and Mike Tyson tied for 9th while Seth McFarlane, Pharell and Paris Hilton were among those tied at 15th.   Stephen Colbert was 23rd while Oprah was 42nd.
    But remember, they only looked at the 500 most popular celebrities on Twitter.   So people like Natalie Portman or Conan O'Brien, who both went to Harvard, aren't on the list because they don't have Twitter accounts.   Does that make them the smartest of all?
    Check out the list from Time here:
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