• Forrest Gump is the most trusted celebrity in Hollywood.    Forbes teamed up with E-Poll Research and ranked more than 6,600 celebrities based on 46 attributes through public opinion polling.   Tom Hanks had a trustworthy score of 25 and an appeal of 81, topping all celebrities with a score of 106.    The rest of the top 5: 
    2nd --  Carol Burnett with a 24 trustworthiness score/80 for appeal
    3rd  --  Morgan Freeman – 21 trustworthiness/82 appeal
    4th  -– Michael J Fox – 26 trustworthiness/76 for appeal
    5th  --  Betty White – 22 trustworthiness/79 for appeal
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  • Are you someone who uses your snooze button?    People have been hitting snooze since the first alarm clock with a snooze button came out in 1959.  A new study shows the average person spends 14 minutes a day hitting snooze.  That adds up to an 1 hour and 38 minutes a week, or just under 85 hours a YEAR.     And if you factor in life expectancy, it means you'll waste somewhere around 173 days of your life hitting snooze.