• In the south, of course!    Cupid.com took a survey of more than 2000 men and women and asked which accent they liked the best:        (Rank, total and male/female split) 
      1st Southern – 36.5 percent (45/28)
      2nd New York –16.5 percent (10/23)
      3rd Western – 13 percent (16/10)
      4th New England – 10.5 percent (8/13)
      5th New Jersey –7 percent (4/10)
    • Inspirational ... and fun - two great words to describe our "Video of the Day"
    • Free shipping on Amazon.com, the favorite car color and where it costs more to have a dog than kids - all a part of today's "3 Things You Need to Know"
    • Alfred Matthew Yankovic celebrates his 54th birthday.  "Weird Al" maybe best known for his Michael Jackson paradoies of "Beat It" (Eat It) and "Bad" ("Fat") but has done some other great ones, including this 1984 hit, today's "Lost 80s Classic"