• What does the vehicle you drive say about your personality?
      Pick-up Truck: Back to the basics is your style and you're a handy man, or woman, who doesn't mind getting your hands dirty.
      Motorcycle: Four words -- born to be wild!
      Minivan/Station Wagon: You're big-hearted and have plenty of room for everyone's baggage, emotional and otherwise. You love kids and you don't mind a little clutter.
      Classic Antique: You appreciate a time when life was slower and  simpler. You prefer chocolate malts to single malt scotch and pony tails on women, not men. You'd rather watch James Dean than Brad Pitt.
      SUV: You're a goal-getter who sets a goal and doesn't let anything stand in your way.
      Sports Car: Adventure and adrenaline drive you to where you want to go. You value efficient, high-tech engineering and the risks that come with pushing the limits.
      Convertible: You love the outdoors and love the outdoors.
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