• Only eight states have an official dessert, with another 15 that have recognized state cookies, state candies, and other dessert subcategories.   So the folks at Slate.com decided to create an official/unofficial desert for each of our 50 states, but using these 3 rules:
      1.)   No two states can have the same dessert.
      2.)   Brands are not desserts. Ben and Jerry’s in Vermont, MoonPie in Tennessee, and Hershey’s in Pennsylvania.
      3.)   No state gets apple pie or chocolate chip cookies as their desert.   
      What did they decide South Carolina's Official Desert should be?    Coconut cake!      Find out why, and check out a map of all 50 states here:
    • Where can yoou get a "Tower of Meat?'   It's not on the menu, but learn what fast food place will serve it to you, if you ask, but checking out today's "3 Things You Need to Know"
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    • In case you missed the Emmy's last night, outside of a very moving Robin Williams tribute, and Gwen Stefani not being able to say "Colbert" correctly, the highlight of the night was a theme show medley done by Weird Al Yankovich

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Theme Song - Emmy's 2014by IdolxMuzic