• “Mad Men” returns to start its final season this weekend.    Among some things that you maybe didn’t know about the AMC show that will air Sunday night at 10 …
    • January Jones Originally Auditioned For Peggy
    How different would the show be if, instead of Betty Draper, she was  Peggy, Don’s secretary turned feminist trailblazer?
    • John Slattery Originally Auditioned For Don
    Speaking of different, imagine if John Slattery, aka Roger Sterling, was instead Don Draper?
    • Just What Do They Use For Cigarettes and Alcohol?
    The cast smokes herbal cigarettes, described by Jon Hamm as tasting “terrible… like a mixture of pot and soup.” And, he drinks brown apple juice to simulate Don’s Old Fashioneds, while John Slattery downs onion water to mimic Roger Sterling’s Vodka Martinis,
    • The Show was Turned Down by Both HBO and Showtime
    • The Majority of the Show’s Writers are Women
    • Don Draper is Based on a Real Person
    The man best known for creating the Marlboro Man, Draper Daniels.       These facts, come from www.guyism.com, who have other Mad Men tidbits here: http://guyism.com/entertainment/tv/mad-men-trivia-history-facts.html
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