• For me it's pizza, nachos and ice cream, but doctors at Harvard say it's not comfort foods, but these 10 best foods to eat to instantly improve your mood.  It's because they trigger the right chemicals in your brain. 
      1.  Pumpkin seeds.
      2.  Dark, leafy greens.
      3.  Eggs.
      4.  Carrots and celery.
      5.  Salmon.
      6.  Flaxseed.
      7.  Whole grains, like oatmeal or brown rice.
      8.  Red peppers, kiwi fruit, and other foods with high vitamin C.
      9.  Tea.
      10.  Dark chocolate
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    • "Mandatory Fun" is a new release from Weird Al Yankovic that contains parodies of "Blurred Lines" and some of today's other big hits.   Each day for the next week, he'll debut a video for one of the new songs at www.weirdal.com.   Check out the first "hit" from the CD - his take on "Happy"