• As we ran through this morning, from the Huffington Post, here are the seven happy things in our life that stress us out:
      1) Vacation: Yes, they're supposed to be relaxing, but an Expedia survey discovered that 53% of working Americans don't come back from vacation feeling relaxed.
      2) Sundays: 26% of workers experience stress on Sundays because they are anxious about going back to work on Monday.
      3) Getting a new job or promotion: Should be fun, right? But six in 10 managers rated the stress of a promotion or career transition as being second only to a divorce.
      4) Falling in love: The early stages can be very stressful for some. Intimacy with a new partner can trigger fear, anxiety, hormone changes, and frequent mood fluctuations, creating an emotionally turbulent and frequently stressful state.
      5) Birthdays: Especially milestone birthdays are stressful. The yearly reminder that you're getting older is often fraught with uncertainty about the future and past regrets.
      6) Being engaged: Planning a wedding is not easy -- the months leading up to the supposed "happiest day of your life" can become a breeding ground of stress and anxiety for newly engaged couples.
      7) Retiring: Financial concerns, anxiety over leaving work and struggling to adapt to a new lifestyle frequently add a stressful element to the early stages of retirement -- particularly for those with Type A personalities.

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