• Based on “pleasant” meaning the temperature was between (55° F and 75° F), the minimum temperature was above 45° F, the maximum temperature was below 85° F and there was no significant precipitation or snow depth, the most pleasant places to live ... 5 Most Pleasant Places
     1. Los Angeles: 183 days a year
     2. San Diego: 182 days
     3. Oxnard, California: 166 days
     4. Simi Valley, California: 156 days
     5. San Francisco: 153 days
    5 Least Pleasant Places
     5. East of Cedarville, California: 16 days a a year
     3. (tie) Clancy, Montana and Douglas, Wyoming: 15 days
     2. Northeast of Reno, Nevada: 15 days
     1. McAllister, Montana: 14 days         Charleston is listed as havin 84 "pleasant' days a year.      Check out a map of the U.S. here -- http://www.kellegous.com/j/2014/02/03/pleasant-places/
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