• According to researchers from Stanford, the University of Washington, and the University of California in San Diego, the magic word is "helper."  They studied 150 kids between three and six, and asked them for help, using different phrases, to see which one was the most     effective.  The researchers say "When you use the noun 'helper', [it's] a description that points to a child's basic character and identity, [so] they're more motivated to prove that it's true."
  • If you fear zombies, find out why Florida may be where you want to live -- It's one of today's "3 Things You Need to Know"
  • Here’s a unique way for you to assist children around the world.  Jeff Morrison and his wife are looking for your help – they are giving you the opportunity to choose the first name of their new baby.    And, it’s not the first time they’ve done this, as they used the internet to help name their daughter Athena.    However, this time, when you vote for your favorite name, you’ll be donating a dollar to the Save the Children fund.     Learn about their story here:
  • It is probably the favorite beverage of adults, but what happens when kids have a slip for the first time?    Watch our "Video of the Day" and find out!