• Here's a way for you to support the U.S. Men's Soccer team as they take on Belgium this afternoon at 4 in the World Cup:



  • When it comes to beer, are you an average American?    Consider:
    When it comes to beer, the United States:
     Spends the 7th most in the world
     Drinks the 14th most in the world
    Australians spend the most per year on beer - $747.90
     Ireland is next, then Finland and New Zealand
    Americans rank 7th spending $356.20
    Americans drink 217 beers per year per person
     Czech drink the most - 419 per person
    The cheapest beer in the world is in the Ukraine at an average of 59 cents for a bottle.
    The best selling beer in the world is Snow Beer, a Chinese beer.  Budweiser is third, Bud Light is fifth, Corona is sixth, Heineken is eighth, and Coors Light is ninth.
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