• Netflix wants to pay someone to watch Netflix full-time.   You could be their new tagger - someone who will watch all the new movies and shows Netflix adds to its library and tag them so that the computer algorithm can make recommendations.    Imagine, you wake up every morning, go to the couch, open your computer, binge-watch and be paid for it.  Netflix already employs 40 taggers, but this latest position, based in the UK, is the first time it is recruiting outside the United States.   Learn more about the position by watching this video:
  • They are buidling "The Mall of The World," which will be the largest mall in the world - find out about it by looking at today's "3 Things You Need to Know"
  • If you don't like how it looks, change it - at least that seems to be this bird's motto - watch our "Video of the Day"
  • This weekend marked the 25th anniversary of the debut of "Seinfeld."   Check out this great story about how the show has influenced our language since coming on a quarter of a century ago: