• For the past 14 years, the most popular boy’s baby name has been Jacob, but no more.  Noah is now the most popular name for boys. And, for the 3rd year in a row, Sophia is the most popular baby name for girls.      The Social Security Administration announced the most popular baby names Friday.   The top 5 for each:
      Noah was followed by Liam, Jacob, Mason and William.
      Sophia was followed by Emma, Olivia, Isabella and Ava.

      Jacob first rose to No. 1 in 1999. In the 45 years before that, Michael was king for all but one.    Mary dominated the first half of the 20th century, but in the past two decades, Emily, Emma, Isabella and Jessica have all spent time at the top.
      However, baby names are not as popular as they once were.    A little more than 18,000 babies born last year were named Noah. In 1950, when James was No. 1, there were more than 86,000 newborns with that name.    About 21,000 newborns were named Sophia last year. In 1950, more than 80,000 were named Linda, the top name for girls that year.

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