• He's on the cover of Vanity Fair, People and US Weekly, and is probaby the most photographed baby over the past 12 months.    Today is Prince George's first birthday, and taht means more photos.   According to a survey conducted by the web site FemaleFirst.com, the average parent takes 780 photos of their baby in the first year.    While that sounds like a lot, when you break it down, it justs 2 photos a day.     What are the top situation where a parent takes too many photos of their baby?  
    1.  Immediately after they're born.  56% of parents admit to it.
    2.  Selfies, where you're in bed together for the first time, 44%.
    3.  The first time they smile, 33%.
    4.  Their first bath, 33%.
    5.  The first time they meet their grandparents, 31%.
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