• There's an app for that!     You send a photo or message to your friend thinking they’ll react a certain way – now, you can see their reaction with “Dumbstruck”     Take a photo, add a two line caption, then send and wait for your friend to open the message.    To open the message, your friend has to hit “start to view”   As soon as the message is opened, a video of your friend’s reaction is recorded and automatically sent back to you!     The app is free in the Apple iTunes store:
  • When it comes to gambling, are you an average American?    Check out today's "3 Things You Need to Know" to see, and to find out how much money American's lost last year.
  • There have been lots of ways to make your drive through order unique - this may bet the best - watch today's "Video of the Day"
  • Following his Grammy win, another award is being presented to Pharrell Williams, named the "Hat Person of the Year" for 2014 from the Headwear Association.   In their on-line polls, Williams received 25% of the vote, a hair more than Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars who tied for second with 24% of the vote.    The award will be presented on April 24th.