• If you need assistance this Valentine's Day, of course, there's an app for that.     Here are 5 apps we've found that might help you out for February 14th this year:

1.)  Avocado - let's you stay in touch with your sweetie by sending cute messages, share photos, manage dates, create shared lists (vacation ideas, grocery lists), and send hugs and kisses (the app vibrates when you place the phone against your chest).
2.)  BeCouply - offers fresh ideas for date night.
3.)  Treat lets you design your own greeting card using personal photos and customized text. These are real greeting cards you can send to your sweetie. The app is free but, of course, the cards come with a price.

4.)  Red Stamp -  lets you send personalized Valentine via email or text. And if the recipient you had in mind is still clinging to the good old-fashioned days of snail mail you can get your love note out for a nominal price that includes printing and postage.
5.)  OpenTablehelps in making Valentine’s Day dinner reservations. Search through more than 15,000 restaurants across the U.S., plus Canada and England to find the perfect spot for two.

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