• The great poet./writer William Shakespeare was born on this date in 1564.   He would die on this same date 53 years later.    In honor of his birth anniversary, today is "Talk Like Shakespeare" Day.     If you need help in speaking this way, simply use this "English to Shakespeare" converter: http://lingojam.com/EnglishtoShakespeareanhttp://lingojam.com/EnglishtoShakespearean
  • The new name for the Charleston County Envirronmental Management mascot.    The top four submissions have been chosen for public voting and are:                          Randy “Re-New” the Recycling Guru
        Phil D. Bin
        “Ollie,” the All-In-One
        Philup Cartaway                                   To vote for your favorite name, visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FRFQC3Y. Today is the final day to vote.  The winning name will be announced at the County’s Earth Day Festival on Saturday, April 26. The resident who submits the winning name will receive an annual Gold Pass Membership for Charleston County Parks.
  • Two new ice cream flavors are about to be introduced by Haagen Dazs - learn what they are by clicking through to today's "3 Things You Need to Know"
  • Your dentist may not agree, but here's an interesting way to remove a tooth - watch today's "Video of the Day"