• The happiest people in the U.S. live in Lincoln, Nebraska.   At least that’s according to Gallup, who released their annual list of U.S. cities, ranked by wellbeing.com.       The rankings are based on factors like overall happiness, emotional and physical health, and work environment.
    The city ranked 189th and last was Charleston … Charleston, West Virginia.     Charleston, South Carolina finished 113th.   The other Palmetto State cities were Columbia at 107 and Greenville at 49.
    The Top Ten Happiest Cities:
     Lincoln, NE
     Boulder, CO
     Burlington, VT
     Provo, UT
     Fort Collins, CO
     Barnstable Town, MA
     Honolulu, Hawaii
     Ann Arbor, MI
     Washington, D.C.
    San Luis Obispo, CA.
    On the other end of the scale, Charleston, West Virginia had the lowest score and ranked 189th.   It finished just below Huntington, West Virginia, Mobile, Alabama, Beaumont, Texas and Hickory, North Carolina.

    In terms of state rankings, no surprise here – Hawaii was number one again this year.    South Carolina was 40th, down from # 33 in 2011.   This year, we rank right below Nevada and just ahead of Oklahoma.

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