• How would you fill in the blank?    CareerBuilders.com conducted a survey and found: 55% of U.S. workers categorize themselves as overweight     
    39% have gained weight at their current job
    21% putting on more than 10 pounds 
    9% putting on more than 20 pounds.
    16% report they have actually lost weight at their job
    45% say their weight stayed the same.
    Who is most likely to gain weight at work?
    Management.  44% of managers have gained weight in their current job, compared to 38% of people in non-management  roles
    Workers 35 and up. 40% of workers ages 35 and older gaining weight, compared to 36% of those under 35 years of age.
    Women. 46% of female workers say they’ve gained weight on the job, compared to 33% of their male counterparts.
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