If you watched the season finale of Breaking Bad last year, well the police are on to Walter White, but will he get caught? We’ll find out soon the final eight episodes of AMC’s acclaimed meth-drama will get underway starting Sunday, Aug. 11th


Disney announced today at CinemaCon that they are planning to release a new Star Wars movie every year, starting with the J.J. Abrams-powered Episode VII in summer 2015. The plan is to release a standalone spinoff the following year —one of the projects focusing on Boba Fett or Young Han Solo.


Lindsay Lohan playing Stevie Nicks…Stevie says over her dead body. Since 2007 there’s been talks of a movie based on her life. At one time Stevie wanted Reese Witherspoon to play her, but now she’s saying Reese is too old. I actually think Elise Testone should play her…


Would you like to see a Friends reunion show….well it’s never going to happen. An exec of  NBC said that Friends was as time in your life where your friends were your family, and once you start having a family theirs no need any more. Well that’s sad.


Tonight 5 will become 4 on American Idol with performances from Idol alums Clay Aiken and Fantasia Borrino…that’s at 8p on FOX.