It’s Shark Week on Discovery…and Entertainment Weekly is giving us the ULTIMATE “Shark Week Drinking Game. Below are a few of my favorite Rules...

Take a sip of beer whenever you hear an Australian or South African accent

Take two sips of beer whenever someone goes into the water to face the predators in a steel cage.

If a diver swears, put a dollar in the swear jar. You know, so you can afford to buy beer the next go-round.

Whenever you see blood, reenactments or otherwise, get that Bloody Mary in hand, and keep drinking until you no longer see red.

Begin drinking when a shark breaches, and don’t even think about stopping until the shark is all the way back in the water (through all the slow-mo; includes replays)

Whenever Jaws is mentioned or the theme plays, yell, “We’re going to need a bigger bottle of water!” Take the chance to sober up, so as to avoid that inevitable, nasty hangover, but use this time to think about how Jaws is just a movie, sharks aren’t actually man-eaters, and we pose more of a threat to them than they do us.

For Complete Rules and your List of Needed Supplies, click the link: