1.)     College tuition costs are out of control, so is higher education still a good investment?    Accord to a new report by the San Francisco Fed, it certainly is.    They’ve determined that most people who graduate with a four-year degree can expect to earn about $831,000 more by retirement age than those who skip college.  . And that takes in to account the cost of tuition and four years of missed wages while getting the diploma.     Researchers found that after 10 years in the work force, graduates in the 1990s-2000s were making $26,800 more per year than those without a degree.

2.)     Coffee is the most popular drink in the world, and while your morning cup of Joe is a good pick-me-up to start your day, it might be more.   It may also be helping to keep your eyes healthy.     According to a report in Nature World News, an antioxidant in coffee called chlorogenic acid, or CLA, staves off retinal degeneration in mice.  In humans, that malady is brought on by glaucoma, aging, and diabetes.     The next step is to determine whether coffee delivers CLA directly to the retina.    If so, scientists might be able to tailor a specific brew for the eyes.

3.)     You may enjoy a night at the bowling alley, but this is a tough time for the professional circuit.    The Bowling Proprietors Association of America had to cancel one of its biggest tournaments, for the second year in a row, because they couldn’t find a sponsor.     The U.S. Open will not be held in 2014, and has now the 2015 U.S. Open has also been cancelled.    It takes about $500,000 to run the tournament, and no advertisers are stepping up to help provide it.