1.)     There’s a new app designed to help people who have just lost their pet.     PetMatch will help you find a look-a-like for you to adopt.     Simply upload of photo of the cat or dog who has passed, and the app will analyze the photo and search through adoption databases in the area for pets who look like your old one.    Once it finds a match, it will send you the details.     The PetMatch app is free, but for now is only available for the iPhone.

2.)     The penny is no longer in use in Canada.   The Royal Canadian Mint stopped circulating the one cent piece in early 2013.   Instead, cash transactions north of the border are rounded up or down to the nearest nickel.    So one Montreal-area resident started tracking his everyday purchases as he wanted to see if he was coming out on top or losing money because of the change.     It turns out that after 365 cash transactions, Roger Guitar was 89 cents richer.

3.)     The Vikings are considered some of the manliest men and now your man can smell like a Viking.     The spray was created by the Visit York agency to generate some publicity about the English town’s Viking Center.     If you enjoy the odor of a 10th century warrior, which includes mud, human sweat, animal meat, seawater, smoke and pine, you’ll want to purchase a bottle of Norse Power.