1.)     You could be seeing many more students walking to and from school today, as schools across South Carolina take part in SC Walk to School Day.    The annual event is part of the Safe Routes to School program, a federal, state and local partnership designed to encourage children to walk and bicycle to school and work on a healthier lifestyle.    Students that live within a safe walking distance are encouraged to skip the bus or Mom's car today.    In the program’s first year, 150 schools participated and last year that number jumped to 188 schools.     This year, it’s expected that more than 60,000 students will be a part of this year’s “Walk to School Day.”

2.)     Later today, an asteroid will zoom past the Earth, coming closer to our planet than the Moon is.     The newly discovered asteroid has been named 2014 DX110.     It will pass between the Moon and the Earth tonight, coming within 217,000 of our planet.     That's about nine-tenths of the distance between the moon and Earth.

3.)      If you watch at home and always think that you could do better in the fast money round, here’s your opportunity.    The Family Feud is coming to Charleston later this month to hold auditions for families for the upcoming season.     The auditions are by appointment only, and slots are filling up fast.     You can apply by phone or on-line for the March 29th and 30th auditions.       Here are the ways that you can use to try to set up an audition appointment:
Website: familytryouts.com
Email: Charleston@familytryouts.com
Hotline: 323-762-8467