1.)     If you’re trying to decide what to make for dinner tonight, you may want to cross “bat” off your list.    They’ve been taken off the menu Guinea, where an outbreak of Ebola is now believed to have killed at least 62 people.    Bats are a delicacy in the West African nation, where they tend to be made into a peppery soup served in village stores that sell alcohol.    However, the BBC reports that certain bat species are believed to be the natural reservoir for the Ebola virus and experts believe they are the "main agent" behind the Guinea outbreak.   They have been banned for sale and consumption as authorities struggle to contain the outbreak.

2.)     If you’re a fan of Star Trek, you’ve watch Klingons drink the alarmingly red bloodwine in outer space.    Now on Earth, Klingons and their fans have a new official booze of choice: Warnog, a beer with notes of clove, banana and caramel.   The Federation of Beer, a Canadian company which has an official partnership with the Star Trek franchise, has commissioned the 'Roggen Dunkel' style ale, to be brewed at the Tin Man Brewing Company in Indiana.  Warnog was drunk by Klingons in both The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine TV series.     This is their second themed Star Trek beer.    The first was last year’s Vulcan Ale, an Irish Red chosen to match the red planet of Vulcan where Spock hails from.

3.)     It has take 9 months, but the world’s preeminent tree-hugging destination has now been officially sanctioned.   It’s Portland, Oregon.    Guinness World Records has recognized last summer’s tree hugging event as a world record.    936 people simultaneously hugged a tree in Portland’s Washington Park for one minute.    That number broken the old record of 720 tree huggers, set in the United Kingdom in 2011.