1.)     If you’re a woman and you like to laugh, you might want to reconsider vacationing in Turkey this summer.    That country’s Deputy Prime Minister says women should not laugh out loud in public.    He instead encouraged woman to read the Quran, particularly the passage which says: “She will not laugh in public. She will not be inviting in her attitudes and will protect her chasteness.”     Hundreds of Turkish women have since taken to social media and posted photos of themselves laughing in public.

2.)     If you’re tired of your jeans creating lumps and bumps that spill over our waistband, you can say goodbye to muffin tops, thanks to Spanx.   While the company has already created denim leggings, Spanx is now introducing their own jeans, The Signature and The Slim-X.   Both are made with Triple Thread Technology.    Regular jeans are made with two threads, one with stretch, and one without. Spanx jeans use three threads, and one is an extra stretch one.     Spanx jeans are available in sizes 26 to 32 and cost between $118 and $148, and are available to buy on the Spanx website.

3.)     Keeping your nails looking pretty while you travel is about to get a little easier.    Essie is introducing the Essie Color Boutique, a nail-polish vending machine, in select airports and malls across the country.   The digital kiosks will stock 48 classic Essie shades, plus six shades from the seasonal collections, updated as they become available.   The first two machines are being placed in the Oakland International Airport and New York’s JFK Airport.