1.)     If you’re flying anytime soon, there’s good news – air travel has never been safer.      The odds of you dying in a plane crash today are down to one in 45 million.     In 2012, there were only 23 plane crashes, and 475 deaths.    In the past 4 years in the United States, there have been more than 40 million commercial flights without a crash.    The last time one of our major carries had a fatal crash was in November of 2001.     Based on the numbers, you could fly everyday for 123,000 years before the odds caught up with you.    Meanwhile, your odds of dying in a car accident this year are one in 6,500, and in your lifetime are about one in 83.

2.)     Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, but not everyone is feeling the love.    In fact, according to the National Retail Foundation, only 60% of American’s are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year.    That makes it the 2nd least popular holiday, at least in terms of spending.    Christmas/Hanukkah is number one on their list, with 93% participation.   The 4th of July is next, followed by Mother’s Day.    The least popular holiday, in terms of what we spend money on, is St. Patrick’s Day.

3.)     Thirty-five years after the Six Million Dollar Man went off the air, one of Steve Austin’s attributes is going to be available.    The Food and Drug Administration is about to approve the first bionic eye for sales in the United States.     The retinal prosthesis is already available in Europe.   The device is able to restore partial sight to people suffering from retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic disorder that leads to blindness.      The Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System has already helped recover sight to over 60 people and may soon benefit some Americans as well.