1.)     There’s something that is somewhat unique about the new dollar menu being introduced this week at Taco Bell … it’s the fact that some items are going up in price to be included.     The new menu features 11 items all priced at a dollar.    But 4 of those 11 items - Cinnamon Twists, Cheesy Roll-Ups, Potato Soft Tacos and Caramel Empanadas – actually cost more now that they’re on the dollar menu.

2.)     Hundreds of photographs, papers, and historical objects documenting the history of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people are being added to the Smithsonian Institution's collection today.    That includes items from Will and Grace.    The collection includes original scripts, casting ideas, political memorabilia surrounding the show and the series finale.   The NBC agreed to donate props, including a pill bottle and flask, a sign from "Grace Adler Interior Design," and Will Truman's framed college diploma.

3.)     It’s time to stock up on Nutella!  Why? A Nutella shortage may be on the way thanks to a March frost in Turkey that wiped out about 70-percent of this year’s hazelnut crop.     As a result, hazelnut prices have skyrocketed, hitting a 10-year-high.  It’s creating a worry that prices will only continue to increase with the impending shortage. In other words – prices are likely to skyrocket as one 13-ounce jar of the coma-inducing cocoa spread is packed with 50 hazelnuts.