1.)     A bill has been approved to make children legally obliged to do housework.     The measure, passed by parliament in Spain, would mandate those under the age of 18 to participate in family life, respect their parents and siblings, and perform household duties "in accordance with their age and regardless of their gender."    Plus, the law would extend to school as well: Minors will also be legally bound to study, respect teachers, and "maintain a positive attitude" in the classroom.      It’s not the first time the Spanish parliament has legislated in this area – according to the BBC, under a 2005 law married Spanish men actually face legal sanctions for refusing to do their share of the housework.

2.)     Those living in 3rd world nations have less than we do, including less stress.      That’s the conclusion of a study of more than 800,000 people in 158 nations.     While people who live in wealthy countries, including the United States, are generally more satisfied with their lives, they may experience more worry and anger than residents of poorer countries.     Part of the reason may be life is more fast-paced, with higher expectations, and more choices in wealthier countries, where those in 3rd world nations experience a slower pace of life and less demands, and therefore, less stress.

3.)     Taking photos of food and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter seems to be a popular thing to do.   So a South African company has created a food photo booth.  #dinnercam, offers a specially lit area for interested diners, to place dinner inside, get the perfect shot, and then post and tweet it to friends and followers.   And, if you’re feeling artistic and want to take an especially creative photo, there’s an option to add colored lighting for cool effects.