1.)     This morning at 9, remain calm, it’s just a test.     Today, the National Weather Service will initiate a statewide tornado drill using the Emergency Alert System and NOAA weather radios and Y1025 will be participating in the drill.     The test to determine the readiness of EAS equipment and emergency radio receivers located in broadcast facilities, schools, hospitals and other public buildings.    This annual drill is also a way for everyone to learn simple precautions that could save lives.

2.)     For decades people have been climbing, or attempting to climb to the top of Mount Everest.     And those climbers have been leaving behind their trash, so now the government of Nepal is requiring mountaineers to clean up the mountain.     Oxygen cylinders, ropes, beer cans and even human bodies have all been left behind.    Starting in April, anyone who starts up Mount Everest must haul 8 kilograms, or a little more than 17 pounds of trash – not their own garbage, but litter left behind by other climbers - to the next base camp.     Those who do not adhere to the new rule will forfeit their expedition deposit, which is worth $4,000.  

3.)     The long cold winter the Midwest has been suffering through has created the most ice cover on the Great Lakes in 20 years.    And, since the ice cover usually peaks in mid-March, there’s still time for records to be broken.    NBC reports that Lake Superior is now more than 90% covered by ice, and forecasters believe the 1979 record of 95% ice cover across all the Great Lakes could fall by the weekend. Lakes Michigan, Erie, and Huron are all virtually frozen over, ice is starting to cover Lake Ontario, and there have been reports of even parts of Niagara Falls starting to freeze.     The cold is excellent news for the lakes because it will help replenish water levels and will also make life harder for invasive species like the Asian stink bug this spring.