1.)     Tax time means paperwork and, most likely, frustrations.  However, the good news is that there’s less chance this year that you’ll be audited.      Last year the IRS audited 1.4 million people, the lowest number in five years.    But, it’s not because we getting better at doing our taxes.   Instead, like everyone else the IRS is in a cash crunch.     With budget cuts, the tax bureau has less money to do audits.     The most likely people to still be audited are the rich, as 9 percent of taxpayers with incomes over $1 million get audited.

2.)     When it comes to selling Girl Scout cookies, one girl is the undisputed queen.    Katie Francis is a 6th grader in Oklahoma City who told the Oklahoman newspaper there are 3 ingredients to selling cookies: “There's lot of time, lots of commitment, and I have to ask everybody that I see (to buy)."    She must have seen a lot of people because Katie has set the record for most boxes sold in a single year with 18,107, beating the old record of 18,000 boxes.

3.)     The First Lady is in China this week with her daughters and her mother on what is considered a non-political trip.    However, it is being paid for by you and me.      Mrs. Obama is staying at a hotel in Beijing that was considered too expensive for Vice President Joe Biden when he visited there last year.     Mrs. Obama is in a 3,445 square foot suite at the five-star Westin Beijing Chaoyang near the US embassy, reportedly costing $8,400 a night.   Along with her family, Michelle Obama is being accompanied an entourage of about 70 persons, including Secret Service agents.        Vice President Biden ended up staying at the St. Regis in Beijing, and with his entourage, used 213 hotel rooms at a cost of us taxpayers of about $385,000.