1.)     Fried chicken's been coated in some crazy things, but only in L.A. could a super-trendy new restaurant concept thrive by coating it in chocolate.     ChocoChicken only has been open a week, but it's already got the buzz, and plans to expand.     The free-range chicken isn't fried in chocolate oil.   It's lightly coated with a special cooking chocolate made from bittersweet cocoa, and fries up a shade of chocolate brown.     The chef at ChocoChicken says "All of the ingredients are secret," he says. "All I can say is that the marinating, coating, seasoning and frying process all contain some element of chocolate."     Plus, you can douse your chicken with Chocolate Ketchup. Side dishes include White Chocolate Mashed Potatoes and Duck Fat Fries sprinkled with chocolate seasoning.     An entree of of two pieces of chicken and fries goes for about $15, slightly more for all-white meat.    The owners expect to have six stores in 2015 — including one in New York City — and eight stores by 2016.

2.)     A video game company is paying unhappy employees to quit, up to $25,000 — even if they’ve only just been recruited.    Riot Games, makers of the smash-hit PC game “League of Legends”, wants to cut ties with newly-hired staff members if it’s immediately clear they’re inappropriate for the job.   The company, based in Santa Monica, California, said the $25,000 payout must be taken within 60 days of employment. Employees who apply for it will get 10% of their salary up to $25,000, no strings attached.

3.)     What will students at the University of South Florida soon be able to check out from the campus library?    Drones. The purpose of the drone program is, of course, educational.   The library staff believes that students studying everything from engineering, to architecture, to filmmaking will benefit from the ability to check out an eye in the sky.