1.)     There’ll be no Panda predictions during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.   The giant bears had been primed to predict winners by choosing their food from baskets emblazoned with teams’ national flags.   But moments before the opening game kicked off, the Chengdu research base pulled out of the stunt saying it would have harmed the pandas by requiring too much contact with humans

2.)     Your son or daughter may be asking if they can move to Sweden, specifically the city of Gallstahammar.     The Left Party in this Swedish municipality says that kids should be able to learn everything they need during the school day, so they’re working toward becoming the first homework-free city in Sweden.    The city council begins an "investigation" into the idea today.    The country is generally open to new ideas in education, but papers in the country are reporting the education minister is opposed to this one.

3.)     If you’re a dog lover, you can now ensure your furry friend will spend his or her twilight years in the lap of luxury.    Japan's Aeon Group will open a nursing home designed especially for elderly canines outside Tokyo later this month.    The four-legged retirees will have access to a nearby mall's 24-hour veterinary clinic as well as special playground and swimming pool.     The care will also incorporate some services offered at the company’s luxury pet hotel at Tokyo's Narita Airport, including an hourly room temperature check and webcam so owners can look in on dogs day and night.     Prices will vary depending on the size and type of canine, although the company expects it will set the average owner back about $1,000 per month.