1.)     The on-line shopping competition gets more heated today as Amazon takes on PayPal by launching a new payment service enabling you to pay for more than just what you purchase on Amazon.     Amazon's 240 million active users will be able to use credit card data stored on the site to pay a phone bill, a digital music subscription, whatever—with Amazon exacting a transaction fee.    The move comes just ahead of a June 18 event where Jeff Bezos is expected to announce Amazon's 3D smartphone.

2.)     An Oklahoma “protective products” company call ProTecht has developed a tool it says can shield an adult or child from both falling debris or even a 9mm bullet.    “The Bodyguard,” is a neon orange, bulletproof blanket that can be strapped on like a backpack.   The Bodyguard isn’t cheap, reportedly costing around $1,000 each.   But that’s because it’s made from the same material found in protective gear used by military and law enforcement.

3.)     What is becoming an increasingly large issue in divorce proceedings?   80% of divorce attorneys say social media behavior.    So social media clauses are now become more frequent as part of pernups.    Typical clauses put restrictions on posting embarrassing or compromising photos or stories that might harm the future spouse's reputation.   The penalty for violating the prenup is, of course, cash.  For a New Yorker making less than $5 million, the fine tends to be $50,000 per episode of unruly social media behavior.