1.)    In the last 8 years, only 2 shopping malls have been built in the U.S.   But now, plans are in place to build “The Mall of the World," a shopping mall with climate-controlled streets, the world’s largest indoor theme park, and 100 hotels and apartments.   It will occupy 48 million square feet.     And while it will be an air-conditioned shopping experience, in the cooler months the “Mall of the World” ceiling will open.   The “Mall Of the World” isn’t being built in America, though, but is Dubai’s next large construction project.  

2.)    In April, Andrew Rector was featured on an ESPN broadcast of a New York Yankees Boston Red Sox game.    The Yankees fan was caught on camera sleeping at the game, and he’s not happy about it.    So he has filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against the sports network alleging ESPN “opened an unending verbal crusade against the napping plaintiff” and that the game’s announcers unleashed an “avalanche of disparaging words” against him, including “fatty,” “unintelligent,” and “stupid.”   Except ESPN never said any of those things. Rector is actually referring to the comments made in a post about him sleeping at the game.   What him catching his nap here:
3.)     There’s a new craze in Budapest, where tourists are flocking to the Hungarian capital’s 50 or so escape-room games.   You get locked in rooms to pore over clues and figure out how to escape in a set time. It’s like a puzzle video game, but the scattered clues — like a laminated stamp in a metal box and numbers etched on wrench handles — are all real, as is the locked door.    The game designer says it’s all about losing yourself: You become completely absorbed by the game.   In an age of near-constant distraction, that is appealing.    Game-room companies are expanding or popping up worldwide, from Spain to Hong Kong to San Francisco and New York.