1.)     Underage drinking is now legal in school … at least in some California classrooms.    California Governor Jerry Brown has signed the “sip and spit” law which allows underage college students enrolled in beer brewing or winemaking classes to drink during lessons.    The catch is the students must spit out the beverage after sampling it.    The measure allows those students the opportunity to taste alcoholic beverages as part of their culinary curriculum.

2.)     There’ll be no singing in the streets, playing loud music as you drive, unnecessarily revving your engine or even playing domino games outside.    At least not in Seville, Spain where the town’s leaders have banned outdoor noise.     The regulations that have been passed also ban a car alarm sounding for more than three minutes, bars with outdoor televisions, rolling kegs and pulling chairs on outdoor patios, serving bar patrons who are standing up outdoors, and even “excessively loud” conversations.    The fines for noise violations range from $403 to $400,000.

3.)     If you use, or post Yelp reviews, you’ll be happy to know those can now include video.    Yelp for iPhone now lets you add 12-second videos to your reviews.     Android users will soon have the featureas well.    Visuals are a large portion of the reviews on the service, as Yelp says that 23,000 photos are already being updated each day from its mobile apps.