1.)     For people who love both social media and snacks comes “Mas#tags.”   Birds Eye is set to launch Mashtags, spelled with the hashtag sign where the H goes.    The potato chip snacks come in various shapes associated with social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.   Mashtags will soon be on the shelves in England, but there’s no word yet on whether they’ll come to America.

2.)     If you suffer from coulrophobia there is good news for you.    Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns and the United States may soon experience a clown shortage.    It seems as older clowns are dying and not nearly as many younger clowns are joining the ranks to replace them.    This has led to a drastic decrease in membership at the country's biggest clown organizations over the past 10 years.    The president of Clowns of America International admits "clowning isn't cool anymore."

3.)     This is how the lottery is supposed to work.   An unemployed, indebted Hungarian man, down to his last few coins, and on this way to a program for recovering alcoholics, decided to buy a lottery ticket.   The ticket hit and paid over $2.8 million dollars.     The 55-year-old paid his debts and biked to a car dealer to get a new mode of transportation—though he can't drive, so his three kids will have to take the wheel.   He also bought apartments for those children and has taken care of other family members' debts.   But notably, he's using the money to help others – his good fortune was kept quiet until he recently made a hefty donation to a homeless shelter.   He's also setting up foundations to help addicts and victims of domestic abuse.