1.)     A Charleston hotel has been ranked as one of the nation’s most romantic hotels for travelers.     Build in 1886, the historic Wentworth Mansion, on Wentworth Street in downtown Charleston, was ranked 19th on Trip Advisors list of the top 25 hotels for romance.    The number one hotel was Honor Mansion in Healdsburg, California.   Four of the top five hotels were located in California.   But, don’t even bother trying to get a room at the Wentworth for this Valentine’s Day as they are completely booked for this romantic weekend.    

2.)     Almost 3,000 people either renounced their American citizenship or voluntarily handed over their green cards in 2013.    And, according to the Treasury Department, that was over a 1,000 more than the previous record.      Many are doing so because of provisions in U.S. tax law, since we’re the only developed nation that requires its citizens and permanent residents to file tax returns regardless of where they live or where their income is earned.   And, those requirements are getting tougher with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, which goes into effect this year, requiring foreign financial institutions to report account information for U.S. citizens and permanent residents to the U.S. government.  

3.)     Buying a soda in San Francisco could soon cost more than in any other American cities.     City legislators are creating a sugary drink tax with soda, bottled ice tea or other sweet beverages being taxed at two cents per ounce.     The tax could raise more than $30 million for the city, to be spent on improving health and nutrition across the city and in schools.    The measure, which will go on the ballot in November, requires a 2/3 vote from city voters to pass.    If passed, San Francisco would be the first city in the nation to impose such a tax.    Similar measures in New York were blocked last year, when Mayor Bloomberg attempted to pass a ban on extra-large soft drinks.