1.)     Playing video games can be good for children.   That’s the conclusion of an Oxford University study being published today in Pediatrics.  However, only if they play for around an hour or less a day.   Children who played games for a few hours each week were better adjusted, had fewer conduct problems, and better empathized with others than those who played no games at all.   However, when children started playing one to three hours per day, the positive effects fell away.   And children who played even more that that were more likely to have issues with hyperactivity and inattention, show a lack of compassion for others, and generally feel less satisfied with life.

2.)     At what age does a woman have the most friends?    According to the New York Magazine, it’s 29.    Based on a survey, women approaching 30 have about 80 friends, which is 30 percent higher than those in any other age group.    The company which conducted the survey explains that at age 29, you’re still in touch with school friends, but have also forged new bonds with work colleagues.

3.)     It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas.    A designer in London has created an alarm clock that wakes you up by brewing a cup of coffee.   More than a coffee makers with a timer, this is a digital alarm clock with wood paneling and a coffee pot/hot plate on top and has little drawers to store sugar and cream.      So instead of waking up to a horrible alarm sound, you wake up to the smell of fresh coffee right next to your head.     When the new device hits the market, they’ll be priced around $250.