1.)     Today is the day – not only to make certain your taxes are paid, but the day you can buy your very own Google Glass glasses.   “Glass” mounts on a pair of compatible glasses and positions a small display above the wearer's right eye.    The wearer uses Glass to access the Internet and can simply look up to see things like directions, notifications and content from custom Glass apps on the screen.   It is controlled by voice or using the tiny touch pad on the side.   Today is the first time the device has been available for the general public, and will be on sale today only.    Starting at 9 this morning, you can order your Google Glass glasses for $1,500, plus tax.    Buyers will also get a sunglasses shade or one of Google's newly-introduced prescription glasses frames with their purchase.

2.)     Car seats are a pain to carry around outside the car.   But Mom and Day, you can now thank Volvo for making a seat that's safe, light, and easy to pack.   The secret?    It's inflatable. Volvo says the new rear-facing seat, inflates in 40 seconds using an integrated pump, and weighs less than 11 pounds,    Deflated, it fits neatly into a backpack, especially convenient for parents tired of checking their baby's car seat as luggage when flying.      But, before you get too excited, the seat isn’t on sale yet, but just a concept for the moment.

3.)     If you have a sensitive topic to talk about with your spouse, do it after dinner as researchers have linked low blood sugar to marital hostility.   In the study, researchers tracked the blood sugar levels—and, using voodoo dolls, the aggression levels—of 107 married couples and found that those with the lowest nighttime blood sugar were the most likely to stick pins in the doll representing their partner.   The results were similar no matter how strong a couple said their marriage was.  Low blood sugar can trigger hormones that cause people to become aggressive and irritable.