1.)     If you’ve ever wanted to take see the Earth from space, but you aren’t interested in becoming an astronaut, you now can.    The International Space Station has launched the High Definition Earth Viewing experiment.   The experiment is to analyze the effect of radiation on video quality over time.     Four HD cameras are fixed to the outside of the space station and pointed at Earth.     According to NASA, the live stream cycles through each of the four cameras.   You can watch that feed on-line:  

2.)     They're furry, with little round ears, and grow up to 10 inches long—and they're costing France $4.2 million.   The Great Hamster of Alsace is an endangered rodent, and Europe’s top court is pressuring France into saving the species.      Industrial-scale farming, suburban sprawl, and freeway projects have contributed to the hamster's dwindling population—which is now between 500 and 1,000      France needs to boost that population to 1,500, or, to pay fines of hundreds of millions of dollars.

3.)     If you’re someone who loves Disney World, you can now own a piece of Disney history.   For sale on eBay right now is one cab from the original Disney World Monorail.    The cab was built in 1971 is on sale for $189,000.      Check out the cab, and put in your offer here: