1.)     If you have an eBay account, if you haven’t already done so, you should change your password.     A cyberattack compromised a database containing encrypted passwords and other non-financial data at eBay between late February and early March.    The company said it has no evidence of the compromise resulting in unauthorized activity for eBay users, and no evidence of any unauthorized access to financial or credit card information, which is stored separately in encrypted formats.    However, changing passwords is a best practice and will help enhance security for eBay users.

2.)     How often should you wash your jeans?    According to Chip Bergh, who is the CEO of Levi’s, you should never wash your jeans.    He thinks that’s the best way to break them in, as jeans get better and better the less you wash them.   Bergh was quoted as saying "I know that sounds totally disgusting, I know it does.  But believe me, it can be done.  You can spot clean it, [then] air dry it, and it's fine.  I have yet to get a skin disease or anything else."     The CEO also believes it the environment, because it saves water and energy if you avoid washing them.

3.)     Tired of the miniature candy bars?    Then there’s good news for you as Hershey has announced the full-size Krackel bar is back.    Available only in packages of Hershey’s miniatures since being retired in 1997, the red-and-white packaged bars are returning to store shelves in three sizes - "standard" 1.55-oz. bars, a 4-ounce "XL" bar, and 6.5-ounce "Giant" bar.       The crisp rice and chocolate combination was first introduced by Hershey back in 1938.