1.)     What American businesses have the best reputation?     They’re in the retail and electronics industries, according to MarketWatch, sharing the results of the latest Harris Interactive survey of the country's top 60 companies.     It looked at six factors, among them product quality and how employees are treated.  The top companies - 
No. 4: Google. The online giant wins major points for excellent customer service and for being a "worker's paradise."
No. 3: Disney.  Highly ranked for social responsibility and leadership.
No. 2: Apple.  Down from number one last year, but consumers still love its products and customer service.
No. 1: Amazon.  Up from 4th last year thanks to its industry-leading scores for emotional appeal, along with top-five scores for vision  and leadership, financial performance, and workplace environment.

2.)     Here’s information you can sink your teeth into.    Chewing improves your reaction time and alertness, and could take your athletic performance to the next level.   A team of Japanese researchers asked people to watch a video screen and react to visual cues by pressing handheld triggers.    Each person completed the experiment multiple times -- sometimes while chewing gum, and other times empty-mouthed.     The results?     Chomping on gum improved the participants' reaction time by 7 percent.

3.)     This weekend at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas, Pizza Hut will be holding interviews, welcoming qualified candidates to interview for their “Social Media Manager of Greatness” position.    But be ready to impress quickly.   Each job interview will last just 140 seconds.     The way the pizza chain figures it, anyone who can sell him or herself in 140 seconds can easily sell the company in Twitter's 140-characters-or-less format.